Research Projects

Establishing Prototype Cloud based Blockchain Consortiums for Experimentation, Learning and Development The main idea is to establish mature blockchain platforms that can be used be educational and business communities to test ideas and build blockchain business application. Training courses will be provided for participants, together with clear methodologies as how to proceed. Guidance will be provided for entrepreneurs and innovators, with encouragement to establish startups. The research will also concentrate on streamlining blockchain technology and integrating it with web technology and Enterprise systems. Currently, block technology is unnecessarily “stiff” and highly dependent on special platforms. It is expected that the platform will be hosting a panorama of business use cases and applications, will open for subscribers and community oriented (using a collaboration system)

Natural Language Processing:
Building a Distributional Semantics Word Embedding Platform for Arabic Cognition and Text Mining Systems Over the past few years word embeddings (neural network) techniques attracted a lot of attention and provided excellent solutions for many problems in natural language processing, search and text mining. Applications include natural language understanding, text generation, sentiment analysis, building chat bots, question answering … and the list is growing. While there are trained word embedding systems for English, the situation for Arabic is close to null. The main purpose is to build a huge trained word embedding system for Arabic, while further extending and developing the underlying technologies through solid research

Holography and Holoportation:
Exploring the Potential of Holoportation and Remote Presence for Building Intelligent Collaboration Systems and Solving Business Problems Holoportation is now a reality that has been tested and proven through a number of business use cases and educational scenarios. The main purpose of this project is to explore the potential of this technology for solving domestic problems. One attractive feature of holoportation is “Remote Presence” where an engineer can visit a remote site without traveling to it. Thus will be very useful in many scenarios: including maintenance, medication …etc

Big Data and Cloud Computing:
Developing Enterprise Strategies and Methodologies for Big Data Collection, Organization, Management and Processing on the Cloud Despite the notable progress in the areas of data science and cloud computing, many local enterprises and organizations are still hesitant in adopting these rising technologies and harnessing the huge benefits. Some of them are really “stuck” and do not now where to start. The main purpose of this project is to develop pragmatic methodologies and strategies for utilizing the power of the cloud to discover and utilize the latent knowledge in Big Data. Case studies will be used. Guidance for data big data collection, organization and management will be provided