Capacity Building and Professional Development:

EIAS DSB will be offering Certification Programs in four areas

A- Certificate in Blockchain Development Consists of three modules:

  • Foundations of Blockchain Systems
  • Blockchain Development: Ethereum
  • Blockchain Development: Hyper Ledger

B- Certification in Blockchain Business Applications

Consists of two modules

  • Foundations of Blockchain Systems
  • Creating Business Use Cases for Blockchain
  • Advanced Applications and Case Studies

C- Certification in Applied Deep Learning

Consists of three modules:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning  Basic concepts, development platform and simple applications
  • Advanced applications and case studies

D- Bid Data Analytics and Hadoop

Consists of three modules

  • Foundations and Concepts of Bid Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data
  • Bid Data Analytics using Hadoop